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Watch Lola Scott perform ‘Crowded Conscience’ Live at Enmore

Lola Scott was the most recent guest at the Live at Enmore studios. Accompanied by guitarist Ryan Sørenson and vocalist Lucia Capell, she delivered a spellbinding performance of her new single, Crowded Conscience.

While the recorded version of the single takes in elements of synth-pop and traverses some heavy electronic territory, this spine-tingling live version delivers the track with a more stripped-back sound, featuring guitars, vocals and a whole lot of ambience.Lola Scott feature

Lola Scott recently came to the Live at Enmore studio. Bringing a couple of friends in a stripped-back setup, she delivered a spacious and haunting version of her new single Crowded Conscience.

While the band was setting up, Scott explained the meaning behind the new song:

It’s kind of about me distancing myself from people and trying to find flaws in a relationship. It’s like a conversation to myself.”

The trio expanded on the original form of the song, with delicate guitar textures and silky harmonies. The track eventually blooms into an epic, ambient folk soundscape, the spacious vocal phrases connected by dramatic reverb swells.

Check out the performance below:

Crowded Conscience is Lola Scott’s brand new single, which is out now. For more info on Lola Scott, head over to her website.