Watch RACKETT perform their raucous punk hit Tried To Quit at Enmore Audio

Each week, we’ve been opening the studio doors here at Enmore Audio and allowing bands from all over the country come in and perform live.

Late last year, Sydney buzz band RACKETT came into the studio and blew us all away with an amazing performance of their single Tried to Quit. 

Sydney riot-punk four piece RACKETT stopped by Enmore Audio late last year to perform their unapologetic single Tried to Quit. 

Frontwoman Rebecca penned the song a few years back while pursuing the notorious Melbourne punk scene. It wasn’t until she returned to Sydney that the song came to fruition.

“I was just looking through my voice memos and was trying to find something to add to the set that was high energy, high tempo and basically found this chorus Tried To Quit.”

With their unparalleled energy, fervent spunk and pure femme badassery, RACKETT totally exceeded our expectations, and believe us, they were pretty damn high.

“So, the single is out now and I think it’s definitely one of our most challenging live songs… But we really thrive in the challenge of recreating that recording in a live environment, so I guess we’re kind of grateful for the opportunity to, you know, actually play it live and continue to play it live.”

Check out RACKETT performing Tried to Quit live at Enmore Audio below:

RACKETT’s latest EP I Please Myself was released late last year. You can stream it digitally on all good platforms.