Watch Ruben Neeson perform 'Moonlit Spell' Live at Enmore
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Watch Ruben Neeson perform ‘Moonlit Spell’ Live at Enmore

Singer-songwriter Ruben Neeson was recently welcomed to the Live at Enmore studio. Keeping it stripped back, he delivered a chilling performance of his latest single, Moonlit Spell. 

Since the breakup of local favourites, Hunch, Neeson has infused his songwriting with a country flavour. His rendition reminded us the nothing goes better together than an acoustic guitar, blues harp and a haunting vocal. Ruben Neeson

Ruben Neeson has recently turned his songcraft toward the country end of rock – leaving the Live at Enmore studio with an understated gem – Moonlit Spell.

The reverb-soaked strums are the perfect accompaniment to Neeson’s delivery and the piercing tone of the harp.

Neeson reflected on the song’s purpose:

Dealing with heartbreak and loss of identity, finding it again at some stage.”

Check out the video below:

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