Watch Shearin’ perform Mind Over Matter live at Enmore Audio

There’s something really compelling about an Australian dad telling his son to “pull [his] fucking head in”. Maybe it’s nostalgia, or maybe it’s the way Shearin’ execute the all-too-familiar serve in their edgy pub rock anthem Mind Over Matter. 

This week they popped into Enmore Audio to give it to us live, in a performance as searing as an angry threat from your dad. The boys served up a “fucking blood bath” of super tight riffs, quick percussive thrum, and the loosest, most Australian wallop of a vocal performance we’ve caught in a while. It was fucking hilarious.

Armed with a mouth full of Aussie twang and acerbic wit, Shearin’ furiously spit out homegrown pub rock. In all it’s fury, it’s very self-aware, and takes the piss in the form of the very groovy, very danceable tune Mind Over Matter.

It’s offensive how much it feels like home… or maybe that’s the swear words.

Shearin' – Mind Over Matter

Not long ago the legendary Shearin' dropped into Enmore Audio with their huge unreleased tune 'Mind Over Matter'. Check it out now.

Posted by Happy Mag on Thursday, March 14, 2019


Keep an eye out for Shearin’ in coming months. They’ve teased that there’s a new album in the works, with “a whole bunch of bangers coming out so stay tuned”. If it’s anything like the music we’ve been getting from them lately, there is certainly a lot to look forward to.