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Watch Steve Kilbey perform ‘Sheba Chiba’ Live at Enmore

The one and only Steve Kilbey recently hit the Live at Enmore studios. Check out the stripped-back yet soaring version of his track, Sheba Chiba.

Steve Kilbey occupies a special place in the canon of Australian rock. As frontman for The Church, his unique lyricism has been etched into the collective psyche of the nation for decades.

On the eve of a new album, Eleven Women, he visited the Live at Enmore studios to perform a track off the new release, Sheba Chiba.

Steve Kilbey

It was a special session and a character like Kilbey always has something to say. He expounded on the virtues of his trusty bass guitar: “Organic material can absorb and at a later stage, discharge energy“.

But on his new track, he was a little more self-deprecating:

It’s about an imaginary woman. Queen of Sheba from the bible and Chiba — a Mexican word for heroin. It’s totally meaningless and totally meaningful at the same time. It’s whatever you want it to be. It’s just a bit of fun really“.

Check out the performance below:

Sheba Chiba appears on Steve Kilbey’s new album, Eleven Women. For more details, head over to his website.