Watch the trailer for new Quincy Jones doco featuring Kendrick Lamar, Dr Dre and more

Later in the month, Netflix will be releasing a new documentary on the staggering life of legendary producer, composer and singer, Quincy Jones.

Directed by his daughter, actor Rashida Jones, the film will explore how he became an icon, his health problems, his family and his incredible past.

Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder

Watch the first trailer for the new Quincy Jones documentary, which features the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Will Smith, Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, and Dr. Dre.

Amongst the cameos in the film are Kendrick Lamar, Will Smith, Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, Dr. Dre and more.

It’s rare that somebody who has lived as much life as my dad is still interested in growing and knowing the next generation,” Rashida Jones previously said in a statement.

He is such a man of action and accomplishments, but we were so lucky to spend real time with him, to let him reflect on life and the larger picture. I feel honoured to be able to share that with audiences all over the world.”

Co-director Alan Hicks added: “There is really no one like Quincy, the sheer breadth of his work alone is unparalleled, but the story of him as a man has never been comprehensively told. It was a privilege to have his trust, allowing us to capture intimate moments giving insight into the fabric of the man.”

Simply titled, Quincy, the documentary will be out September 21st via Netflix. Watch the trailer below.

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