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Watch The Whitlams perform ‘Ballad of Bertie Kidd’ Live at Enmore

Tim Freedman of The Whitlams recently visited the Live at Enmore studios. He delivered a spellbinding solo performance of Ballad of Bertie Kidd.

The Whitlams have been a mainstay of the Australian indie scene since gaining national recognition in the ’90s with hits like No Aphrodisiac and I Make Hamburgers. After a 14-year hiatus, they’re back with a new epic, Ballad of Bertie Kidd.

Tim Freedman, the mastermind behind the band, played the session solo. Accompanied by the studio upright, Freedman effortlessly unfurled this haunting tale about a heist gone wrong.

The Whitlams Ballad of Bertie Kidd

Before stepping up to the microphone, Freedman shed light on this little known crime caper:

“It is based on a true tale and I’ve been told by people who know Bert that it’s eighty to ninety percent how it went down […] apparently a lot worse things have been said about him, so he doesn’t mind us talking about the ‘balaclava heist'”.

Delicately woven into the musical tapestry, this parable of bad decisions and regret is one that lives long in the memory. Watch the performance below:

Tim Freedman is embarking on a solo tour in support of this new single. For all the details, head over to The Whitlams Facebook page.