Meet the SQ-64, KORG’s most sophisticated sequencer yet

KORG has unveiled yet another compelling piece of gear for your DAWless synth rig. Check out the SQ-64 Polyphonic Sequencer.

KORG has created quite a stir with the announcement of the SQ-64 polyphonic sequencer — the latest in a series of exciting announcements from the Japanese company. Other notable recent releases include the OpSix FM synthesiser and Volca Sample 2.

The SQ-64 has 64 LED pads that can control 64 steps over 4 tracks (three of the tracks are dedicated to melody and one is assigned to drums).


There are 64 project memories, each allowing for 16 patterns of 64 steps. There is also an OLED display that gives users all the information they need, with clear visibility from any angle. The overall design is minimalistic and tasteful, with the aluminium front panel straightforward to navigate.

Despite its desktop-friendly size, the SQ-64 possesses extensive connectivity with two MIDI outs, one MIDI in and three melody tracks each with modulation, pitch and gate outputs. There is also a drum track with eight individual trigger outputs.

If you’re thinking of going DAWless the SQ-64 promises to a mighty hub for the centre of your rig. Keep your eyes peeled for an early 2021 release and visit the KORG website to find out more.