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KORG has launched the new and improved Volca Sample

KORG’s update to the Volca Sample adds more storage, better connectivity, and a new and improved sound library.

The KORG Volca series has been a hit for the esteemed music instrument brand, providing a whole new family of small and affordable synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers made for professional and home studio use.

After a few years on the market, KORG has revised its pocket-sized sampler. Say hello to the bigger and better Volca Sample.

KORG Volca Sample 2

KORG’s revamp adds a few refreshing features, but it isn’t a massive departure from the original.

There is a micro USB port included, providing easier sample management by plugging into a computer. The feature also allows for control, sync and play when using a DAW. A MIDI input has also been added, meaning you can control the Volca Sample with an external keyboard or sequencer.

The new sound library is one of the biggest new additions to the Volca Sample. You can connect to the Librarian software via the micro USB port, and also use the AudioPocket app to record samples on the fly, instantly sending them through to the Volca Sample.

For extra creative music-making, KORG has added a new Pattern Chain mode, giving you two different Step-Jump modes, and a Start Delay function, which essentially adds a swing feel to your beats.

The sample memory has been doubled, now including a welcome 200 slots, and you can load in your own libraries or pre-made ones with the 50 empty slots available.

Check out the KORG website for more information.