Watch this incredible animated retelling of the history of goth, from Siouxsie Sioux and Joy Divison to Kanye West

“These days, ‘goth’ can mean anything from wearing an all-black outfits to being overly emotional on social media. But before the Internet happened, goth meant something very specific…” 

history of goth

Take a peek into the bleak history of goth music, from post-punk pioneers like Siouxsie Sioux and Joy Division to modern pessimists like Kanye West in this awesome animated video.

And thus opens the awesome animated video from the folks over at Pitchfork detailing the history of goth music. Only its no ordinary retelling. It’s actually more like a scene from a cartoon, complete with bunch of bored students in a typical American school, squiggly animation and comically dulcet voice actors.

Most of all, its actually a super informative lesson in a hugely influential period in music history. So if your knowledge is lacking in how we got from punk to Kanye West, take a crash course below.

via Pitchfork.