Exploring Modern Love: tiffi dives into the ‘Dating Pool’ with new EP and single ‘Selfish’

tiffi’s ‘Dating Pool’ EP debuts, capturing modern romance intricacies through ‘Selfish’ single’s emotional resonance.

tiffi, the emerging bedroom pop artist, has recently unveiled her upcoming EP, ‘dating pool’. The EP’s introductory track, ‘Selfish’, produced in collaboration with LEN20, offers a glimpse into the world of modern dating and the perplexities of being left in the lurch, otherwise known as ghosting.

The track ‘Selfish’ carries tiffi’s signature ethereal vocal style, intertwined with LEN20’s skillful production, creating an atmospheric ballad that echoes the sentiments of those traversing the often murky waters of online relationships. Watch the vibey as hell visualiser below:

Beyond the music, tiffi has an eventful lineup ahead. She is all set to join Forest Claudette for a live performance at the Oxford Art Factory on September 9th, followed by an appearance at SXSW Sydney from October 15th to 22nd, adding more notes to her journey in the music scene.

The ‘dating pool’ EP is scheduled for release on September 28th through One Day Recordings. For enthusiasts eager to take a dip into tiffi’s musical world, a pre-order merch bundle is available for purchase here.

With ‘dating pool’, tiffi offers an introspective take on contemporary dating, wrapped in her signature soundscapes.