I’ll drink to that: MODE are helping us to celebrate issue 17

MODE elegantly exceeded our expectation of what a seltzer should be, and we have been obsessed ever since. Cheers!

MODE are one of those companies that instantly grab you, a total head turner, you know the kind, you see it, you want to dig deeper, you HAVE to try it.

Then when you do, you are surprised that it exceeded your expectations, yep that’s right, we don’t say this in vain, it exceeded everything we thought a seltzer should hold, and more.


Well, MODE lives up to that promise and then some. It’s not an exaggeration; it genuinely surpasses the notions you had about seltzers. That’s precisely why we’re thrilled to announce MODE as the official drinks partner for our upcoming issue 17, Western Sydney edition —because it’s more than a drink; it’s an experience.

There is nothing like that feeling of harmony when everything aligns flawlessly. MODE embodies that sentiment to a T.

Crafted with native Australian ingredients, MODE’s seltzers are elegant, light, crisp, and brimming with vitality. Mode brings a refined taste for the curious and discerning. 

But it’s not just about what’s inside; it’s about the whole package. Just one look at a MODE can and you’re transported to another place. Meticulously made from native elements, each can tells a story.

Frankies Sunset Dress, Salt Brushed Skin, Jim’s Pink Blouse, and No more elevator Music. These are more than names; they’re invitations. MODE isn’t just a drink; it’s a collection of experiences that adds a touch of sophistication to your sipping routine.

They redefine what a seltzer can be, pushing boundaries and setting new standards.

So, dive into the MODE experience, and join us for the issue 17, Western Sydney edition mag launch at Waywards, Bank Hotel, Newtown September 22nd, because if you haven’t met yet, we cannot wait to introduce you.

Check out Mode.

Check out issue 17 here.

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