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Watch Timi Temple perform ‘Fa-Fa-Fading’ Live at Enmore

Sydney legend Timi Temple (aka Timothy Lockwood) recently visited the Live at Enmore studio. The former guitarist for Kilter has struck out on his own, becoming a prolific songwriter and a powerhouse solo performer. When he came to the studio, he delivered an energetic and intense version of his latest single, Fa-Fa-Fading.

This rendition was decidedly different from the recorded version. Gone was the sunny, fuzzed-out psychedelia, replaced with nothing but raw vocals and crisp, bluesy guitar tone.

Timi Temple

Sydney artist Timi Temple recently came to the Live at Enmore. Going solo didn’t translate to a lack of energy, as you can see in his performance of Fa-Fa-Fading.

The track deals with break up, but the performance doesn’t show any signs of self-pity. Instead, Timi Temple dished up a performance that was dripping with soul, heartfelt vocals and some blazing guitar work.

The new single comes off the back of a string of singles and EPs in the last few years, showcasing his unique, heavy indie-rock flavour, built around irrepressible riffs and vocal melodies.

Check out the performance below:

Fa-Fa-Fading is out now, so go and check it out. To stay up to date with all things Timi Temple, head over to the website.