Sonic overhaul: Water From Your Eyes fearlessly remix Interpol’s “Something Changed”

Water From Your Eyes fearlessly transforms Interpol’s “Something Changed” into a captivating reinterpretation.

Water From Your Eyes, known for their modern arthouse aesthetics, and original as fuck compositions, have taken on Interpol’s “Something Changed” as part of the innovative Interpolations project.

The brainchild of their recent touring companions, Interpol, this project invites various artists to reimagine tracks from Interpol’s latest album, The Other Side Of Make-Believe.

Water From Your Eyes fearlessly reshape Interpol’s “Something Changed” into a mesmerizing experience. The intoxicating piano shuffle and introspective vocals undergo a remarkable metamorphosis, seamlessly weaving Rachel Brown’s enchanting voice into the mix.

Inverting the song’s tone, Water From Your Eyes reframes change as something encouraging, as the remix unfolds, Rachel’s haunting vocals infuse the track with a delightful conversational quality. It feels like an intimate dialogue, a captivating exchange within the music itself.

The duet’s impact is hauntingly beautiful and sublime, “The idea was to invert the tone of the song, like a photo negative,” says Water From Your Eyes’ Nate Amos, “reframing change from something foreboding into something encouraging – as well as creating a conversation between Paul and Rachel in order to place the thoughts externally rather than internally.”

Their interpolation joins other recent releases from Makaya McCraven, Jeff Parker, and Jesu, with Daniel Avery’s contribution to come.

Water From Your Eyes brings their distinct musical sensibilities to the forefront, resulting in a captivating blend of modernity and Interpol’s brooding essence.

Prepare to be captivated as Water From Your Eyes fearlessly navigates the musical landscape, breathing new life into Interpol’s “Something Changed.” This reimagined rendition offers a glimpse into profound creative exploration, leaving us longing for more.