We didn’t know how much we wanted a Finnish, children’s heavy metal band dressed as dinosaurs until we found Hevisaurus

In some sort of sick, twisted abomination of the childhood sensation Dorothy the Dinosaur, there happens to be a Finnish heavy metal band named Hevisaurus that plays almost exclusive to Scandinavian children.

In the northern lands where quality of life is at a world high, we knew that metal boasts an unrivalled popularity. What we didn’t know is that the fans are starting so young.


Start ruining your eardrums early with Hevisaurus, the five-piece ripping out blistering progressive metal to 10 year-olds.

Hevisaurus is made up of the members Herra Hevisaurus, Riffi Raffi, Muffi Puffi, Komppi Momppi and Milli Pilli.

Their biography is pretty insane, but rest assured it’s 100% true: Herra and the rest of the dinosaurs were trapped in 65 million year-old metal eggs, hatched in 2009 by lightning bolts and a witch’s spell.

Watch Hevisaurus performing Liskodisko below:

You can read an interview with Hevisaurus on Noisey.