We just can’t stop thinking about it. Here are 6 more bands that need to reunite now!

Maybe they are not getting enough from the world, or the world doesn’t get enough of them, but for whatever reason, bands occasionally just straight up call it quits, and never seem to reunite. Sure, the process may get dragged out for a while, the enterprise may take over and give listeners that last fleeting glimpse of their favourite muse; a little treat before they bite the bullet.


Our hearts are still broken for the demise of these 6 great bands. A reunion could be the only glue that’ll put the pieces back together.

But what’s left? Their sentiment, their influence, their product, their memories, their chaos… it means so much to all of us. We hope and pray they’ll work it out and come crawling back into their creative circle. In these moments of turmoil, it may be appropriate to quote the most cliche’d line in the known universe “To be or not to be” or cry woefully into a pillow as you attempt to telepathically submit your distaste to your heroes who have moved on. Great records will live forever, time keeps us hopeful but the reality is always a bitch.

You may have caught our last list of reunions we’re craving but we couldn’t help but think of more. Please welcome, the dream team Part 2.

Mercy Arms

At the age of 12, like most kids I attended lame family christmas parties. Whilst observing the sheer sight of middle aged white people getting absolutely blitzed on the holiday, I noticed a tall, young man sporting a tight black tee. In a bold font was the crass slogan “I fucked your boyfriend!” and to what do I owe the pleasure? I asked myself.

Who was this outrageous character chatting with a silver tongue to all the dolled up housewives of Sydney’s northern beaches? Kirin J Callinan his name was and, at the time, he was strumming enchanting and progressive guitar riffs over the musical canvas that was up and coming Sydney band Mercy Arms. Mercy Arms were a 4 piece Rock/Dream Pop/Psych-Rock band formed in 2005.

The band graced audiences with an intoxicating blend of psyched out guitar riffs, brooding and transcendent instrumentals all caged within the catchiness of warped emotional pop lyricism. Mercy Arms were set on alternative stardom, touring with bands such as Pixies and The Strokes Australia wide.

Mercy Arms released their debut EP in August 2007 called Kept Low and a full length self titled Album in 2008, cementing themselves as a cornerstone in Australian alt rock just as each member constructed the foundation for their future prospects.

Due to creative differences, the legends disbanded in 2009, leaving behind landmark musical pieces as their influence stretches to the fringes of the music world and originates the thoughts of current prolific artists. Now so far down the line, I highly doubt Mercy Arms will ever take the stage together again but one can only hope, as they crank up the volume through the windows of speeding cars or in a lonely bedroom bliss.

Mink Mussel Creek

With bands like Tame Impala, Pond and Nicholas Allbrook at the forefront of the Australian music scene, you will find a surplus of people willing to chop off a limb to witness the unbridled madness that rendered itself in the ingenious outfit that was Mink Mussel Creek.

The explosive psychedelic sound wrought from Perth was characterised by Nick Allbrook on vocals, Shiny Joe Ryan on guitar, Steve Summerlin on bass, Richard Ingham on synths and Kevin Parker on drums in what would seem to be a timely reaction to a hasty world, fought with the power and energy behind unconventional ‘fuck you’ psych rock; this was the ultimate Aussie supergroup.

The group had reportedly played over 100 shows in 2007 and a staggering 10 in one week. Wild. These intense shows blitzed venues around the Perth scene, generating a new kind of buzz and DIY ethic that was to be later manifested in future projects such as Allbrook/Avery, Tame Impala and Pond.

The band disbanded in 2009 after releasing just one album- Mink Mussel Manticore, the initial recording of the album was carried out but never finished due to difficulties with the engineer, it was later re-recorded independently and it is an absolute jaw clenching thrill ride.

These characters have made their voice known in future projects, but could you imagine what chaos would ensue if these immortal chemists were to slowly plug into high powered amps and proceed to blow your head off?

The Moonlight Cowboys

Self proclaimed “Carchase Rock/Sex Rock/San Remo Swing” band The Moonlight Cowboys systematically sent audiences into epileptic hoedown states weekend after weekend in sex driven unison of punchy blues rock and poetry. Coming from the not-so-humble isolation of Sydney’s Northern Beaches the Moonlight Cowboys were able to swing any crowd into an absolute lawless frenzy, whether it be in someones backyard, basement, market day, university or iconic Sydney venues such as Oxford Art Factory.

TMC released a long awaited self-titled EP just before their demise as a trusty musical chemistry set. The brain child and remaining members of the group have now rekindled a new vision in the tantalising melodies and in depth lyricism of new band Dominic Breen and the Dopamine. Within their rebranded and intrinsically stimulating art lay the bones of deceased moonlit cowboys, offering a new path to soothe your jangled nerves.


With a hardcore punk ethos, anti-corporate and anti-discriminatory ideals, it seems as if Fugazi is just what this world needs. Evolving from 80’s hardcore band, Minor Threat and donning the charisma of passionate frontman Ian Mackaye, Fugazi set out to host down to earth punk principles within the angsty fusion of rock/punk/funk.

After releasing 6 studio albums, and detonating hundreds of live shows within their life span of 1986 to 2002, Fugazi can certainly say they’ve been around the block. For the life of me, I cannot express the importance of culture bearing projects like this and the incredible impact they can have on ones perception to the world.

From overt manifestations of straight edge views, anti-capitalist and anti-violent stances on the world, coupled with the diminished perceptiveness of the importance of physical wealth, an individual in this climate may learn a thing or two from a Fugazi reunion.

Fugazi have been on an ‘indefinite hiatus’ since 2003 due to personal ventures, but did release a 11-track album in 2014 consisting of demos recorded in 1988 acting as a seminal ending to a truly great band. Money will never reunite a band like this, so how do we sell it to them?


Wailing from the desert plains of California, Kyuss made their stamp on the world of rock and roll, with unbridled lashings of energy, a DIY ethic and a raw fusion of heavy metal, psychedelics, punk and creative mind bending jams. It is said that Kyuss are one of the core groups to stimulate stoner rock into the fazing time warp of the 90s. After a short-lived but culture igniting career, Kyuss managed to record 5 prolific albums.

They ultimately fizzled out with internal feuds and creative differences that compromised the integrity of the band. Members such as Josh Homme notably went on to manifest his savage and unique style of guitar playing in projects Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles Of Death Metal to name just a couple. When prompted on whether the group would consider a

So unless you got yourself to one of early Desert Parties or beer slogging gigs at the time it appears that no amount of money will align these creatures, however their sentiment still stands tall, loud, clear and possibly drunk as one of the pillars of stoner rock. Whether you’ve had your share of bamboo schooners or not, it is easy to say that Kyuss generate a musical experience of epic proportions both live and recorded and it would be epic to see them writhe in the same smoke infused air once more.

Chicks Who Love Guns

It was an emotional upheaval, the day notorious Sydney outfit, Chicks Who Love Guns called it quits. After 5 years bearing arms against the squares, the alternative/punk rock group reached an ultimate conclusion to venture individually to collect the fruits of this world and to leave their passion provoking, ecstatic tunes behind.

CWLG played raucous live sets all over Sydney and greater Australia to ensue havoc on whatever venue would host them, whipping up heavy rock and punk eggs that amalgamated in one hell of an omelette. Their sound has been generated to physical and online mediums in stella auditory experiences that should satisfy those immense cravings and allow some menacing heart palpitations as you are whisked away into the laboratory of what was, one of Sydney’s sickest groups.

The CWLG wound is still fresh from their break-up, allowing us infinite time to probe for reunification, but indeed these songs will ferment away in the boiling pot of time and rhythm and day to day treat any listeners ears with the upmost provocation of their unique and thrilling sound.