Getting into the nitty gritty of Concertly, Australia’s most exciting new gig resource

We’re massive fans of anyone who tries to change the music game from a tech standpoint. Look at what Spotify has done for artists all over the world, or even something like Facebook which we now take for granted. Discovery has never been easier for fans, and innovation is at the heart of it.

A new startup looking to bolster the number of punters at gigs in Sydney and Melbourne is Concertly. Essentially a live stream of current and upcoming shows in your area, it’s a godsend for that moment when you straight-up feel like there’s nothing to do. Which there never is, by the way.

We reached out to Alice, a Concertly team member, to find out exactly where this tech came from, where it’s going, and how it can help you.

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Photos by Dani Hansen

Struggling to decide which gig to head to on the weekend? Consider Concertly, your ticket inside every show happening around you right now.

HAPPY: Hey Alice, how long has Concertly been around now?

ALICE: Concertly has been around in its current form for only a few weeks. Previously Concertly was a map interface for six months, now we have changed to be video focused.

HAPPY: How are the early days going?

ALICE: Apart from the many bugs and issues we have, the response has been positive so far.

HAPPY: Where did the idea spark?

ALICE: Matt our founder, while bored at home wanted to visually see what the music events looked like before going there. Soon after he was attending a concert in San Francisco where he previously lived, while watching many people record the concert using their phones and thinking there must be a way to collectively put all the videos to use for others to see.

HAPPY: Were the team behind Concertly previously involved in music?

ALICE: Matt previously worked in San Francisco at an internet radio startup. Our backend developer Jared played in a band, I haven’t worked in music although have always wanted too.

HAPPY: Onto the tech itself, can you give us the Concertly elevator pitch?

ALICE: Concertly is a music discovery platform, allowing users to find concerts and events before they leave the couch or while already out and want to find somewhere more interesting.

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HAPPY: As someone behind Concertly, what’s the ideal way users should be taking advantage of it?

ALICE: We believe Concertly is mostly useful in Sydney or Melbourne on Friday or Saturday nights when there are many music events on. The site is best viewed on mobile so you can view when out and about, such as a bar or pre-drinking with friends and wanting to go out somewhere.

HAPPY: Are there any more in-depth tips or tricks you’d like to share?

ALICE: Currently the experience is pretty limited for the app. We are getting as much feedback as we can so if possible shoot us an email with any feedback; the bad and good and how was could improve! Also subscribe to our browser push notifications and we will let you know when a cool concert is on.

HAPPY: Are there any features you’d love to include, but can’t for one reason or another?

ALICE: We have made a web app only viewable using the browser, so there are user experience related issues. We want to build a native iOS and Android app to allow recording and uploading at concerts. If we gather enough feedback we can make this happen!

HAPPY: Where is Concertly going from here?

ALICE: We are listening carefully to our users and hopefully will start on the native apps soon, as well as ither features such as booking tickets to upcoming shows. We are in talks with some venues about booking subsidised tickets to shows that have already started.


To experience Concertly for yourself, head over to their website (best viewed on a mobile device).