When you don’t know which gig to head to, how do you choose? This new tech is here to help

It’s the age old question, just what do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Whether you’re feeling the night slip away with a group of mates or straight up bored out of your mind on a Saturday night, we’ve all had a moment where we wished some guardian angel (or hedonistic devil) would descend, pointing us in the direction of that night’s greatest hang.

Concertly seeks to abolish that moment of unknowing. A web app that beams a stream of nearby gigs straight to your phone or PC, it’s well on its way to becoming something seriously epic.

Dani Hansen City Calm Down Concertly
Photos by Dani Hansen

Never get stuck for what to do on a weekend with Concertly, the one-stop shop for the live music that’s happening all around you.

The guts of Concertly is in the snippets of shows it broadcasts. Once you load up the page you’ll be treated to short clips beamed directly from whichever venue is putting on the show in focus, in the style of an Instagram or Snapchat story.

So you’ll be able to glean the vibe of a show in a quick and easy format. A clip tells a thousand words, so you’ll straight up be able to gather whether it’s the gnarly punk gig you’re pining for, or more of a midday booze sesh on a pristine rooftop.

That is, of course, if the set you’re looking at has already happened or is happening literally as you browse. If there are no live events happening around your location, you’ll instead be treated to a stream of Concertly’s past digs.

Or if you’re more of a forward thinker, you can check out upcoming gigs. Because Concertly doesn’t have their own time machine (yet), they’ll shoot you footage of the artist’s past shows so you can still make a decision about whether or not it’s a fit for you.

So for example, if an international artist like Odesza is heading to Sydney next week, you’ll be able to suss a few short clips of any performances they’ve given earlier in the tour.

Right now Concertly will work wonders if you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, with the hope of servicing the rest of Australia and beyond in the near future. You can’t disagree with any new tech that puts names on guest lists or heads in venues, so we heartily recommend a quick peek.


To experience Concertly for yourself, head over to their website (best viewed on a mobile device).