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Rudely Interrupted rise from the Aussie underground with the red-hot track Love You Till I Die

As summer draws near and the silly season approaches at rapid speed, the search for the perfect song for making mischief has officially begun.

Incorporating all the warm, fuzzy feels of being on holiday when your only responsibility becomes nursing a hangover is Rudely Interrupted’s love-struck new track Love You Till I Die.

rudely interrupted love you till I die

Native to Melbourne, Rudely Interrupted are a love-pop four piece that have been deemed one of Australia’s most unique acts and commended on their live performances since 2007.

Made up of Rory Burnside, Rohan Brooks, Josh Hogan and Sam Beke, this dream team are a contemporary group of rockers and an inspiration, one of the few bands that have flourished from Australia’s rock ‘n’ roll underground.

Short, punchy and ridiculously catchy, the new track Love You Till I Die is rich with ’70s and ’80s tinged nostalgia, with definitive old school rock rhythms and a kick ass attitude. The melodic new track opens with an explosion of synths and guitars, an instant mental image of shoulder-padded leather jackets and white sneakers coming to mind.

The two and a half minute track is full of catchy hooks and inviting lyrics that take you on a anthemic rollercoaster of harmonised vocals and feel-good energy. Described for their sound which sits somewhere between The Killers and Wire, the band can be commended for their continuous rehearsing efforts, which they have to thank for their pitch-perfect songs and overall impressionable sound.

Classed as one of Australia’s most celebrated bands, three of the four band members live with a mental or physical handicap, continually proving that one man’s disability is another mans superpower. An inspiration to people everywhere and to others living with a disability, the boys have received outstanding reviews time and time again, with red-hot track Love You Till I Die predicted to be no exception.


Catch Rudely Interrupted on December 3rd at Northcote Social Club, Melbourne. Grab the details here.


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November 23, 2017