Spotify has launched a new iMessage-integrated app to help you share tunes with mates

Sharing music on Spotify has never been all that easy. But the company have been trying to amend this as of late with a bunch of third party app integrations, such as Facebook Messenger compatibility.

Now they’ve have taken another step in the right direction, launching an iMessage-integrated app that lets users send and receive tracks to friends without having to leave iMessenger.

Spotify imessage

Spotify has launched a new iMessage-integrated app that allows you to share tunes without having to leave the app.

“Spotify’s iMessage app is available now, allowing users to quickly search for and share music with friends directly from iMessage,” a Spotify spokesperson told Engadget.

“It’s the latest way in which we’re empowering users to share music with friends in a fast and fun way.”

Engadget also detailed how it works:

“In iMessage, you’ll need to tap the app button to find the Spotify icon, which will appear if you have the latest Spotify app on your iPhone. You can then search Spotify for any tracks you want to share with your buddies on iMessage. Tapping the song you want to share puts a little preview and link in iMessage, similar to the way you can share songs from the Spotify app itself.

Once your friend gets the song you shared in iMessage, they can play a 30-second preview, or they can hit the Play on Spotify button. If they’re a Spotify member, they’ll also see a little Spotify icon in the upper left corner of the iMessage screen. They’ll need to enable the new Spotify iMessage app, however, to access the preview.”

You can already do something similar on iMessage with Apple Music, however, there are limitations, as you can only share songs you recently listened to. With the Spotify app, you can search the entire Spotify library from iMessage.

You need to have the latest version of Spotify to use the iMessage app for sharing. So get updating.