We’re hosting a panel at PAX Online!

Tune into PAX Online on Friday September 18th for Gold Games on the Silver Screen, a panel by Happy Mag’s gaming channel, Clocked.

If you’re involved in the world of gaming, you know PAX. The Australian edition of the event – ordinarily held in Melbourne – is the southern hemisphere’s largest gaming convention, a place where the biggest announcements are made, tens of thousands of fans gather, and we get sneak peeks at some of the most exciting games on the release schedule.

This year, as is the 2020 custom, the event will be taking place virtually from September 12-20. Happy Mag’s very own gaming channel, Clocked, is part of the action!

PAX Online Clocked by Happy Mag

The panel is Gold Games on the Silver Screen, where we’ll be talking all things gaming and film. Be prepared to dive into the good, the bad, and the ugly of game-to-film adaptations, learn about the future of VR in both fields, and heaps more.

Gold Games on the Silver Screen happens at 4:45pm AEST on Friday September 18th, broadcast on the official PAX Online Twitch channel. Find out who’ll be joining you below:

Guest Panelists

  • Demi Lardner: an award-winning comedian, podcaster, and recently, a streamer, Demi Lardner loves video games, performing live, and watching horror movies by herself in the dark
  • Aaron Rimmer: as the Director of Operations at Sydney Gaymers, Aaron Rimmer has spent years putting on inclusive events for queer gamers all over Sydney.
  • Krista Jordan: currently the Head of Animation at the Australian Film, Television, and Radio School, Krista Jordan’s film credits include The Matrix, Happy Feet, and Moulin Rouge. At home, you can count on her playing Fall Guys with her very game-savvy family.
  • Chris Edwards: the writer behind “really gay” Australian theatre production This Bitter Earth, Chris Edwards is a bona-fide film encyclopaedia who’s knocked out 250 movies this year… and counting.

Find out more via the PAX website, or tune into the PAX Twitch channel at 4:45pm AEST on Friday September 18th to watch the panel live.