PAX Online Schedule: everything you need to know about the massive virtual event

PAX Online is ready to hit your browsers, starting Sunday the 13th of September. Here are all the must-know details from the event’s newly released schedule.

Australian gamers, rejoice. From the ashes of PAX Australia, previously slated for October this year, rises PAX Online, which will grace our devices from Sunday the 13th through to Monday the 21st of September.

The 24-hour, 9-day stream will feature an absolute overload of panels, showcases, events, and gameplay, so we’re here to help you sort through the heap.

pax online schedule

The Highlights

Professional skateboarding’s best known legend Tony Hawk will be making at appearance at the PAX Arena, where he will provide commentary on a tournament showmatch of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2. A selection of the game’s finest players will compete to win a skate deck signed by the Birdman himself, as well as a bundle of OMEN swag for themselves and the charity of their choice – not to mention the bragging rights.

Game developer Mike Pondsmith, creator of Cyberpunk and other great RPGs, will be telling stories during the official open in the wee hours on Sunday the 13th at 3:15 AM AEST. His appearance will mercifully be repeated at 8:00PM AEST, for those of us weak humans who sleep sometimes.

And auteur game developer Sid Meier, creator of the Civilisation series, will sit down to discuss the ups and downs of his legendary career. From the founding of MicroProse, their successes and failures, as well as those abandoned projects that were never destined to see the light of day. Catch Sid Meier on Sunday the 13th from 9:30 through 10:30AM.

The Panels

Clocked will be presenting our very own panel: Clocked: Gold Games on the Silver Screen. Our team, plus special guests, will delve into the history of video games in film. Grab the popcorn, it’ll be a damn good time.

Fans of Star Wars games are in for a treat with A Long Time Ago: A History of Star Wars Games, which will examine the chequered history of games set in our favourite galaxy far, far way.

Those curious about the possibilities of AI should check out DIY Robot Overlord: How does AI really work? Developers from Tasmanian studio Secret Lab and academics will discuss machine learning and the inner workings of AI.

Science buffs will be interested in Press X to SCIENCE!, which asks how video games can produce better scientists, and why Dungeons and Dragons sessions are being prescribed by doctors.

A Taste of the Rest

Following the grand opening, on Sunday at 6:15AM AEST, you’ll see Dwarf Fortress co-creator Tarn Adams doing a Q&A. Fans will be invited to ask all their most burning questions about their favourite procedurally-generated dwarven lifestyle/torture simulator. You’ll also be able to tune into a speedrunning panel, as well as an hour-long chat on representation in video games starting at 8:45AM.

Sucker Punch’s Brian Fleming will host a ‘Game Maker’s Notebook’ stream to kick off the proceedings on Monday 14th, which will also see programming on video games in hospitals, Animal Crossing’s saving grace upon the horrific year that 2020 remains, and a concert featuring Cleveland’s 88bit.

A ‘Video Game Music Theory 101’ program will hit your screens at 5:30AM AEST, starting off the Tuesday. Other highlights include a feature on mo-cap performances in Red Dead Redemption 2, plus a ton of D&D and tabletop-focused programs.

Wednesday 16th features another big chat on diversity featuring the very diverse cast of Overwatch, a program on online tabletop gaming, and more. Thursday 17th features a massive, almost 3-hour Jackbox Play Along, a ‘Musical History of Zelda’, Super Mario Bros 2 & 3 speedruns, and more.

On Friday 18th, almost in time for the weekend, things will ramp up even further. A terrific looking panel on LGBTQI+ representation in gaming and games media will take place in the afternoon, plus a stream will dive into A24’s horrifyingly brilliant film Midsommar, discussing what games can learn from its narrative design.

For anyone who’s thinking about a career in gaming, Saturday 19th kicks off with a panel on interning in the industry – you’ll have to wake up at the wee hour of 3:30AM to catch it though. Sunday 20th features a fun-looking afeature on why video game to film/TV adaptions usually suck, a 35-year retrospective on The Legend of Zelda, and more.

Finally, the last day will be upon yourselves and the rest of the virtual audience. Tune in for a ton more panels, programming, and interesting discussions before you wave goodbye to PAX Online!


Check out the full PAX Online 2020 schedule here.