Here’s why a pile of bullshit was dumped outside News Corp HQ

Climate Advocacy group Extinction Rebellion have left a literal giant pile of bullshit outside the Sydney News Corp HQ offices.

The Sydney News Corp HQ offices were gifted a lovely pile of bullshit this week for their continued refusal of climate change science.

News Corp, the media company owned by Rupert Murdoch, has been told it’s full of bullshit more than a few times. There have been jokes about using their papers as toilet paper during the panic-buying stage of lockdown, and they’ve been given huge congratulations for their benefits of supporting the Coalition.

Bullshit, News Corp

During the bushfires, they continued to deny climate change and called it “hysteria”, and even falsely claimed that The Greens were at fault.

Extinction Rebellion, a climate advocacy group, told News Corp what pretty much everyone has been thinking by dumping a beautiful, steaming pile of bullshit outside their Sydney HQ. There were also banners above the building’s entrance and a poster erected in the middle of the bullshit stating “NEWS CORP – QUIT THE BULLSHIT – TELL THE TRUTH”. 

A representative from Extinction Rebellion explained “we’re here to tell Murdoch to stop spreading climate lies”.

We’re pretty sure that News Corp would have received the message loud and clear, but they’re yet to respond, and it’s unlikely they’ll change anyway.