Every new ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ detail that was revealed overnight

A second wave of news has just been released for the ever-so-anticipated Cyberpunk 2077. Episode 2 of Night City Wire gives us an exclusive look at lifepaths, weapons, and a cool behind-the-scenes with Swedish punk band, Refused.

As CD Projekt Red teases fans even further, here’s our break-down on the content so far.

Cyberpunk 2077 — Night City Wire: Episode 2 is out now! Get the lowdown on weapons, lifepaths, in-game music, and a bunch of new developer insights.

With 25 minutes of fresh content up, players finally grabbed a closer look at some of the elements they’ve been waiting for (assuming you’re into stuff like weapons or more Keanu Reeves).


Lifepaths will be Cyberpunk 2077’s take on class systems. We know for sure that, much like the paths you take in real life, the in-game lifepaths will affect your storyline and the experiences you face.

This will mean that different lifepaths will offer different content and an unique experience in each one — meaning the game will have pretty damn good replayability.

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So far, there are three lifepaths to choose from: street kid, nomad, or corporate. The street kid looks like the average punk, roaming the dark and futuristic streets of Night City. The nomad appears to be a drifter type, almost as if taken directly from the wastelands of Mad Max. Ironically, the seemingly law-abiding corporate seems to be the least heroic amongst their more rebellious counterparts.

Each lifepath offers different allies and enemies, for instance the street kid’s frustrations against the mega-corporation Arasaka cannot be sympathised against a corporate character’s allegiance with them.

Tools of Destruction

If you like weapons, you need to check out all the epic footage in Tools of Destruction. Arasaka brings not only high-tech smart weapons with guided targeting systems (just in case some of us can’t aim), we also get to have thermal katanas.

“The purest essence of a katana, no add-on, no modifications, only ripping hot steel.”

cyberpunk 2077, gameplay, cd projekt red, night city

These weapons are all reminiscent of the insanity from titles such as Borderlands with an added touch of classiness. Players will have an entire armoury of weapons of different classes to collect, so you can decide yourself if you want to hack-and-slash or shoot your enemies.

We have access to power weapons, plus the less technologically-advanced slug throwers for a good throw-back session to when weapons didn’t have intelligence. There are smart weapons for tracking targets down (for when you want to take a break from aiming) and tech weapons which act as literal rail-guns to laser beam enemies behind cover.

cyberpunk 2077, gameplay, cd projekt red, night city

With power shotguns finishing off an enemy in one hit or smart shotguns that spread each pellet across different foes, Cyberpunk 2077 can guarantee weapon variety. As with most shooters, guns can be customised with attachments such as a scope or a grip for sight or recoil.

This game will also include software mods to alter damage, damage type, fire rate, and more. Much like Borderlands, weapons come in different rarities (from common to legendary) and players will be given the option to loot legendary weapons off NPCs.

Refused: Becoming SAMURAI

This segment of the episode has got to be some of the most interesting behind-the-scenes footage in gaming history. We get an insightful peek into the development team as they bring the sounds of Swedish punk band Refused to life as SAMURAI within the realm of Night City.

Not only does this contain more cut-scenes featuring in-game Keanu Reeves, we see the exact transition Refused took to become their in-game counterparts, SAMURAI.

Released separately, players are given a quick 4-minute track by SAMURAI (Refused). With hardcore lyrics and heavy punk vibes, Cyberpunk 2077 could not have picked a better band to feature in Night City.


For all three parts and extra developer insights, check out the full clip below.