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smart:reverb is the new AI-powered ambient plugin from Sonible

Sonible’s foray into the world of AI-powered processing continues, delivering customised ambience with the smart:reverb. After releasing similar options for compression and EQ, the new smart:reverb analyses the incoming audio signal and creates reverb from scratch.

“Forget presets”, Sonible says. The AI-powered plugin tailors its advanced processing to the characteristics of any input signal for a result that “fits the audio track perfectly”.sonible, smart:reverb, AI

Sonible’s smart:reverb offers up AI-powered precision and maximum control. It’s designed to craft the best possible reverb for your sound source.

The slick user interface offers all the features you’ve come to expect from a professional reverb plugin. What sets it apart though? Once you’re plugged in, smart:reverb will analyse your input signal and create a reverb unique to your instrument.

From there, you can efficiently tweak until you’ve found your sound. Quickly find the style of reverb for you in the Reverb Matrix, which offers a range of reverb sounds from rich, intimate, natural, artificial or anything in between. Define the time-based behaviour of your reverb to find the right decay, spread and density in the Temporal Shaper, then fine-tune the reverb’s anatomy in the Particle Display.

For more information on this unique approach to reverb, head to Sonible’s website.