Baltimore explosion flattens houses, leaving one dead and multiple injured

A massive gas explosion has occurred in Baltimore, flattening multiple houses and leaving one person dead and numerous injured.

Firefighters were called to the scene to rescue at least six people, including children, who were trapped beneath the rubble.

Image: BFD / WJLA

A major gas explosion has ripped through numerous houses in Baltimore leaving one person dead and multiple people injured.

According to reports, the explosion levelled three houses and ripped open a fourth. One woman died at the scene and another six were taken to hospital. The Red Cross reported that 250 residents have been displaced by the disaster.

The cause of the gas line explosion is currently not clear, however, gas leaks have reportedly become more frequent in the area.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan took to Twitter to address the disaster: “First responders are still performing rescue operations, and several victims have been transported to area hospitals. So far, we know that the explosion has taken one life. Our prayers are with the victims and all those affected by this tragedy.”

If you are concerned about a gas leak, Baltimore Sun have published a guide on how to safely deal with them.