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Rhythmiq uses AI to rearrange your beats in real time

Using static beats as a backdrop for productions can be limiting. Rhythmiq is the new AI-powered ‘beat assistant’ from Accusonus that aims to solve this issue, providing you a fresh rhythmic palette to work with as you create.

This plugin changes the way you produce and perform electronic music by using advanced AI to add variety to grooves and remix your simple beats into complex patterns without programming new ones.Rhythmiq plugin

Experience your beats like never before thanks to Rhythmiq. Perform your stems live or jam in the studio thanks to this plugin AI beat assistant.

Inspired by the improvisation and jamming capabilities of live musicians, the team at Accusonus worked for 2 years to create something that could simulate the same dynamic in electronic music. This plugin doesn’t only alter basic patterns, but can also complete them with breaks, fills, and build-ups.

Rhythmiq makes variations in live performances easy. Sync and launch features let you generate breaks, fills and build-ups from your beats save them without stopping the music. This means you stay in the flow while you transform your beats during a performance as if you were using a traditional instrument.

To see the full extent of what Rhythmiq can do visit the product page.