What do you do when a man thinks he’s a train? Here’s part 1 of Hein Cooper’s adventure on the road with Patrick James

With his debut album The Art of Escape now out for your listening pleasure, crooner Hein Cooper has been touring up and down the east coast with Patrick James ahead of his own album tour. Enjoying a quick break, Cooper regales us with a few choice stories of his time on the road.

the art of escape

Taking in the sights and few drinks in between, Hein Cooper takes us into his life on the road with Patrick James.


Ended up being a great night in Brisbane for the first show, however, it was pouring with rain after the show and I had to run with my buddies and carry all my equipment through the rain about 1km away to where we parked. It was so lucky nothing was badly soaked! Patrick was awesome and his band were all so nice. It makes a big difference to me when a musician is cool and polite. I have full respect for Patrick and his band.

art of escape


Raced down to this town and got stalked with my friend Olly Friend (his real name) on our way to Office Works! It was pretty intense. Also after soundcheck a guy road by on his bike and basically thought he was a train. He had a cazoo and would stop every 50 metres, blow his cazoo as if he were a train bellowing for guests to hop aboard, then continue on his way! The show was great in Geelong and there was a special vibe in the room. Would love to go back there to play again!


What a huge day! In the morning in Geelong I went down the great ocean road and checked out Bells Beach and Winkipop. Then headed up to Melbourne and plastered the streets with my posters to promote my headline show coming up at Shebeen, performed for ‘tram sessions’, had phone interviews and played the next show with Patty James! I was delirious by the end of the night. Then my mate Lanks (Will Cuming) took me out with his buddies and we played pool til 3 in the morning. It really was a big day.

art of escape


That was cool! Landed back in Sydney and headed down to Thirroul! It seemed that we were all beginning to feel sick from all the touring. We seemed to hold it together for one more night and after I continued driving home in Milton to stay with my parents and rest. It was lucky because the next morning I woke up with the flu! One day short and I wouldn’t have been able to perform!

Friday, March 4 – The Basement, Sydney
Saturday, March 5 – Transit Bar, Canberra
Sunday/Monday, March 6/7 – Nannup Festival, Nannup
Saturday, March 12 – Lizottes, Newcastle
Friday, March 18 – Pirie & Co Social Club, Adelaide
Saturday, March 19 – Jimmy’s Den, Perth

Hein Cooper album launch shows

Wednesday, March 23 – Milton Theatre, Milton (Hometown Launch)
Thursday, March 24 – Newtown Social Club, Sydney
Friday March 25 – Shebeen, Melbourne