What had David Bowie already accomplished at your age? This site knows, and it’s here to help you feel insignificant

Whether you remember him as bisexual spaceman Ziggy Stardust, the guitar-slinging Thin White Duke, Jareth the Goblin King or just David Bowie, you’ll have no doubts that the late superstar was a man of countless achievements.

If, for some reason, you do doubt anything about that statement, this neat little site should fix you right up. The whimsically named is a great tool for deeming yourself unworthy, and it’s functionality is simple. You plug in your age and it tells you what the man himself had accomplished in your time on the planet, so far.

david bowie baby

Want to know what David Bowie had done when he was your age? Of course that site exists, just in case you wanted to feel unsubstantial today.

I thought I was pretty adept when it came to Bowie knowledge, but this site takes me to town. Some interesting tidbits; at 32 Bowie was punched in the face by Lou Reed (but took it like a champ) and at 14, six girls asked him out on Valentine’s Day. Probably one of his worse Valentine’s performances, in the scheme of things.

Check out the site for yourself here. 

I’m joking about you feeling insignificant, by the way. You’re a wonderful, beautiful flower and should never let a silly online blog get ya down.

Via NME.