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When content and form interact: artist Nick Pont on how to know when a piece is done

Nick Pont is an extremely talented visual artist from the mid-North Coast of NSW. Dealing with subject matter ranging from the natural environment that surrounds him, to cultures past and present, to the fluidity of memory, his creativity takes on many forms: painting, drawing, photography.

Over the last 24 months, Pont’s work has demanded attention, and he’s been getting it. His work has been shown at Wagner Gallery in Paddington and the Bondi Pavilion Gallery, as well as The New Standard Gallery in Surry Hills. He was also handpicked to take part in a residency program run by The Art Park.

We took five with Nick to ask him about how living in a small coastal town impacts his work and how to know when a piece is complete.

nick pont

Alluring visual artist Nick Pont discusses how living in a small coastal town impacts his work and how to know when a piece is complete.

HAPPY: Where do you draw inspiration from?

NICK: Inspiration for me comes naturally through life experiences, surrounding landscape, spirituality & historical references. These influences may vary between works. Some possibly referencing a historical artwork, others based purely from an experience or spiritual point of view.

HAPPY: How do you know when a work is finished?

NICK: When content and form interact and it says what it needs to say.

HAPPY: How does where you live or where you are creating affect your creative practice?

NICK: I live in an honest town on the Mid-North Coast. It’s quiet with stunning neighbouring environments. These surroundings and minimal social distractions allow clear focus on my work.

HAPPY: What’s your creative space like? How does it influence your work?

NICK: My studio is a converted 1960s garage on the same block but separate to my house. The block has established mango trees, and ongoing fruit, veg and permaculture projects. The space has allowed me to create larger works with more freedom while the projects outside provide a healthy distraction to an obsessive creative process.

HAPPY: What are you working on now?

NICK: I have just returned from an expedition to the desert visiting Lake Mungo and White Cliffs. I am creating a body of work focused on landscape and observations from this trip. It will be showing at The New Standard Gallery in the following months.


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June 28, 2018