Whitney Marks 7th Anniversary of “Light Upon the Lake” with Limited-Edition Vinyl

Whitney’s celebrated debut album, “Light Upon the Lake,” turns 7 today, and the band is marking the occasion with a special limited-edition Cotton Candy vinyl release.

Chicago’s Whitney is celebrating a major milestone: the glorious 7th anniversary of their debut album, “Light Upon the Lake.” To commemorate this momentous occasion, the band has pulled back the curtain on a limited-edition Cotton Candy vinyl pressing of the album, accompanied by some seriously exclusive merch.

For die-hard fans and vinyl aficionados alike, this limited-edition Cotton Candy vinyl of Whitney’s “Light Upon the Lake” is a feast for the eyes. Prepare to be captivated by its enchanting blend of soft pink and blue hues, conjuring images of everyone’s favorite sugary treat: cotton candy.

Photo – Olivia Bee

To truly revel in this milestone, Whitney has unleashed a special edition Cotton Candy vinyl of “Light Upon the Lake.” This little gem is a sight to behold and is up for grabs. But don’t dawdle! Swing by the band’s Hello Merch store and snag your own piece of art before supplies vanish into thin air. Oh, and you lucky European and UK fans can secure your pre-orders at the Secretly Canadian store too.

This mesmerizing collector’s item pays homage to the unwavering allure of the album, serving as a testament to its everlasting appeal. And if you’re craving that personal touch, fear not! Signed copies of the vinyl are available for purchase, allowing die-hard fans to hold a cherished slice of Whitney history in their hands.

Back in 2014, Max Kakacek and Julien Ehrlich joined forces and birthed Whitney, concocting a soothing blend of Americana with a dreamy, lovelorn twist. Then, in 2016, their debut LP, “Light Upon the Lake,” burst onto the scene, gracing us with a collection of concise tracks that effortlessly entwine laid-back guitar melodies, radiant strings, and smooth brass accents. Striking a delicate balance between the familiar and the cliché, Whitney’s musical offering exudes a tranquil aura, inviting listeners to embark on an enchanting sonic expedition.

On “Light Upon the Lake,” Whitney’s musicianship shines brightly, but they choose to dazzle with subtle, vivid, and easygoing pop-rock strokes rather than showy pyrotechnics. The result? An almost flawless set of tunes that leave an indelible mark on the soul, akin to a magnificent short story.

Throughout the past seven years, Whitney has proven time and again their musical prowess, receiving heaps of critical acclaim along the way. This anniversary acts as a sweet reminder of their enduring talent and the timeless allure of “Light Upon the Lake.” So, let’s raise our glasses high and toast to Whitney’s brilliance and the everlasting impact of their debut album. Cheers, friends!