Weekend Rage: A Captivating Track-by-Track Journey

Join Weekend Rage on a captivating track-by-track journey through their latest singles, exploring intense emotions, unreciprocated attraction, nostalgia, toxic relationships, and exhilarating connections.

Get ready to party with Weekend Rage, the dad-bod pop-punk quartet hailing from Adelaide. Comprised of Daniel Ninnes (lead vocals, guitar), Will Braund (lead guitar), Jacob Nigon (bass), and Sam Eacott on drums, this tight-knit group has unleashed their latest single, “South Road,” taking their angsty and grungy sound to new heights.

Weekend Rage offers an exclusive track-by-track breakdown, sharing insights into their creative process, influences, and the stories behind their recent string of singles. From the hard-hitting banger “Off My Face” to the heartfelt anthem “Forgotten” and the intense title track “Story of Our Life,” Weekend Rage combines raw energy with poignant lyrics.

weekend rage

Prepare to be blown away by Weekend Rage as they unleash their dynamic sound and captivating storytelling, making an indelible mark on the pop-punk scene. So sit back, relax, and get ready to immerse yourself in a thrilling track-by-track journey through their music.

Off my face

Our opening track ‘Off My Face’ was written by lead singer Daniel Ninnes. It’s a hard hitting banger which is a favourite amongst our fans when played live. The song was originally based around having big nights but later changed into a more negative approach around binge-drinking and jealousy.

When in the studio, only the basic structure of this song had been written so we had to do a little bit of writing and experimentation which was a first for us. 

Stuck in my head

Stuck in my head represents a feeling many people have of unreciprocated attraction. The feeling of having a friend you care for dearly and don’t want to ruin your existing relationship, whilst seeing beauty where they may not.

The song references the loneliness that growing up in the social media generation creates and a need to wake up to life. When in the studio recording this song we had lots of time to experiment with backing vocals and figuring out new ways of layering our vocals.


Our song ‘Forgotten’ was the first acoustic song we had ever recorded. We had put acoustic guitar in the background of our music but never had acoustic as the main part of the song. Forgotten is a heartfelt song that builds up into a bit of an anthem. Before coming into the studio this song was giving signs of potential.

Forgotten was almost completely recorded when we all came up with the idea to put some sort of backing vocals in the bridge. This was the first time we had done group vocals all together and in the end it really gave the song a larger sound.

Story of our life

The title track of our EP ‘Story of our life’ is about our late teen years growing up in the western suburbs of Adelaide before having the burdens of adult life. It is basically a song about the realisation that our late teens/early 20’s are some of the best times we’ve had but also pass us by in the blink of an eye.

Story of our life ended up becoming our hardest song to record. To make the song work we had various tempo changes and we tried making it as complex as we could. It’s still quite a basic song but putting those tempo changes made it just that little bit more tricky.


Home was our oldest song of the ep. It had been in our repertoire for a couple of years before the EP. It’s a slow building song with heart wrenching lyrics. It’s about a toxic relationship with someone. This song isn’t written about true events, but more of a story which lead singer Daniel had written and worked very hard on.

We also added piano to this track to give it a unique sound which we had never previously done.

Sudden Connection 

Sudden Connection was a fresh start for Weekend Rage. It was the first time we ever recorded at Depict Studios and also with our new drummer Sam. We all did our parts and ended up producing a song we were very happy with. We also decided to produce a music video of the song and filmed us in the studio.

This put a little bit of extra pressure on the day having a film crew in the studio with us. We had to not just play the songs but had to try and look good while doing it which was harder than it looked. Sudden Connection was written by Dan and is about his experiences in the first couple weeks of a new relationship.

The song speaks about hitting it off with someone straight away and the complete infatuation you can feel for someone within a couple of weeks of dating.