Who is Stacy Gacy and is she racy? We pull up a chair for Sydney’s liveliest punk act

Thrashing out their messy punk whenever they can take the stage, Sydney’s Stacy Gacy are killing it on the live front.

Their debut EP 13 Minutes of FURY has also landed, and it’s exactly as advertised. Eager to get to know the fellas behind the thrashers, we caught up with Stacy Gacy ahead of their next gig at the Vic on the Park.

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What can you expect from a Stacy Gacy show? We get to the bottom of Sydney’s most lively punk rockers.

HAPPY: Who is Stacy Gacy and is she racy?

STACY GACY: Watch your tongue, the old gal is a saint…and also fictional. She was created, Weird Science style, for our old band. When this one needed a name, it was thrown in the hat and somehow became the one we stuck with.

HAPPY: How did you time travel to 1991 to film the Long Way Home clip?

STACY GACY: You’d be surprised what six bottles of JD and a wrench can do. We did have a little help with Pat’s editing skills.

HAPPY: Can you talk a bit about that clip? Who helped to make it happen?

STACY GACY: The whole thing came about as a joke between Luke and his girlfriend when thinking of video clip ideas. They were joking about Stacy Gacy karaoke until Luke went “hang on… we could do this.”

We set up drapes, cheesy lights, speakers, a camera and and a TV playing the lyrics in real time. We then put a call out to our friends to come star in our video! They are great, and seem to do anything for free booze and pizza. Also those microphones were live too, so one day we’ll put out that audio.

HAPPY: Have you been working on any new material since 13 Minutes of Fury came out in October?

STACY GACY: The perks of having four song writers in a band is that every time you show up to prac you seem to have a new idea ready to play with, The downside is that’s a lot of material to focus on. Something new is definitely brewing though!

HAPPY: There’s some anger in that EP, what sort of issues did you want to tackle?

STACY GACY: We tackle a lot of issues in this that we never actually intended to. We each wrote different songs, but as a collective it became about being unsatisfied with where you’re at and trying to break the mould you’ve been put into.

HAPPY: You must be pretty stoked to be playing The Vic, what are some of your favourite gigs you’ve been to there?

STACY GACY: We are so stoked to be playing there! The thing we love about the Vic is that no matter when you walk in the door, there’s always something cool happening. Some of our favourite acts are the ones we caught just wandering in looking for something to do! With things the way they are in our city at the moment, it means so much to local musicians to have a place like that supporting blues, punk, metal and folk bands like us. Also Jake couldn’t be any more excited for the burgers.

HAPPY: Name three things to expect from your set.

STACY GACY: 1. Riding the line between folk band and hardcore band.

2. Mitch will scull a beer while melting your face with …slide guitar?

3. Roughly 45 minutes of FURY… followed by 10 minutes of hugs and hours of drinking.

HAPPY: And after you play the last song, what’s the next big thing on the Stacy Gacy calendar?

STACY GACY: Immediately after we’ll be heading to the bar. After that, the plan is to play more gigs! We’ll be playing the record crate in April then after that we’ll be heading into the studio for some new noise and hopefully bringing you some new dumb videos very soon!


Catch Stacy Gacy live at the Vic on the Park, Marrickville on March 30. Details here.