Wilco Announces New Album “Cousin” with Lead Single “Evicted”

Wilco! They’re back with their latest album, ‘Cousin,’ ready to hit the airwaves on September 29, courtesy of dBpm Records!

‘Cousin’ is THE word of the year, no doubt! We’re in Chicago, Illinois, where the language game is strong, and ‘cousin’ emerges as a symbol of family love and togetherness, real talk. Hearts are connecting, embracing that warmth, like it’s home-cooked comfort food. Wilco, they’re feelin’ it too, tapping into that sentiment, owning it like a boss.

Led by the incomparable Jeff Tweedy, Wilco has always been a musical powerhouse, and with ‘Cousin,’ they’re about to shake things up like never before. We couldn’t resist getting a sneak peek, and let us tell you, it’s a pure Wilco bliss explosion!


Tweedy’s vocals are like a warm, soulful embrace, enveloping you in a cocoon of emotions. Is this his best performance to date? We’re thinking it might just be, and we’re absolutely loving every second of it! Each track is a delightful surprise, delivering that classic Wilco magic that tugs at your heartstrings and sets your feet tapping in unison.

“I’m cousin to the world,” frontman Jeff Tweedy confesses. “I don’t feel like I’m a blood relation, but maybe I’m a cousin by marriage.” 

“Cousin” is an innovative album produced by the talented Cate Le Bon, showcasing a unique musical journey that pushes the boundaries and reinvents Wilco’s sound. The lead single, “Evicted,” is a soul-stirring track exploring themes of lost love and self-inflicted wounds, complemented by Marc Bolan-inspired guitars. Check out the freshly dropped lyric video here.

Wilco and Cate Le Bon’s collaboration began at the Solid Sound Festival in 2019 and led them to create “Cousin” at the iconic Chicago studio, The Loft. The album presents Wilco in a fresh light, maintaining their signature charm while exploring new artistic territory.

Pre-orders for “Cousin” on vinyl, CD, and digital platforms are now open. The album marks the first release under dBpm Records’ new distribution arrangement with Sony Music Entertainment. The release date is set for September 29th, and it promises to offer a captivating experience for music enthusiasts. Let the music unite us in joy and excitement as we delve into the sonic wonders of “Cousin”!

Cousin Tracklist:

  1. Infinite Surprise
  2. Ten Dead
  3. Levee
  4. Evicted
  5. Sunlight Ends
  6. A Bowl And A Pudding
  7. Cousin
  8. Pittsburgh
  9. Soldier Child
  10. Meant To Be