Will Joseph Cook excels with his mature EP Daisy Chains

The young and rapidly emerging artist Will Joseph Cook is a young musician from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, situated along the south east coast of England. Yes, Cook is but the mere age of seventeen, but he surely proves his talent through his skilled songwriting and catchy indie/ pop-rock beats. Cook has been performing for many years at music venues including the British Summer Time music festival held in Hyde Park London in 2013, even while he was still studying at school.

Will Joseph Cook

British youngster Will Joseph Cook may still be at school, but he sure doesn’t need lessons for solid songwriting. You Jump I Run is indie pop bliss.

Now that Cook is almost done with school he has signed with Duly Noted Records, a fresh independent label that was founded in August 2013. Together, Cook and Duly Noted released a song from the new EP You Jump I Run back in late April. Cook is aiming to one day perform at the Glastonbury festival, the iconic five-day summer festival held in the UK, which hosts many headlining musicians with talent alike of Cook.

Cook is constantly writing new music, but emphasises on writing about real experiences that come from exposure and memories. His tunes are ever so catchy, making you feel as though you are about to spend a day in the sunshine with friendsMessage is the first song to put Cook on the radar, with more than 100,000 likes on Spotify within a week. It’s is a tune full of nostalgia. Uplifting beats and a raw acoustic soun emit a warm and relaxed atmosphere that sends you into a daze of distant memories, and rekindles thoughts you thought were lost and forgotten. The debut was just the first, since then he has release other powerhouse compositions overflowing with musical talent.

The upbeat ballad Streets Of Paris is the perfect song for those wanting to be immersed in summertime vibes of blissful, spirited rhythms. Cook has previously stated that Streets Of Paris is his summer soundtrack and there is no denying it. It’s full of cheerful guitar percussion and enthusiastic vocals that could put a smile on even the most sullen folk.

Daisy Chains follows suit with an upbeat tempo and catchy soulful vocals. Cook has the ability to take your mood into a state of relaxation with his fluid vocals and lyrical prowess. Daisy Chains begins with a chilled folk vibe before processing into heavier rock and roll with it’s belting percussion.

You Jump I Run is Cook’s most recent song and is jammed with dreamy vocals and soft beats. It’s a great demonstration of how Cook’s music has evolved, reaching new ground with it’s mellow tone, downbeat tempo and a focus on strong vocals paired with guitar and a light use of percussion. Cook has evolved into a soulful singer. His vocals are jammed with expressive melodies, raspy rhythm and passionate lyrics – an impressive development in such a short career.