Will Ryan Gosling be the next James Bond?

After his recent secret agent portrayal in The Grey Man, fans are calling for Ryan Gosling to be cast as the next James Bond.

Netflix has released their new action flick The Grey Man which sees Ryan Gosling as a top CIA agent who uncovers agency secrets and is subsequently hunted by international assassins.

Fans of the film immediately likened Gosling’s role to that of James Bond and after seeing his stellar performance, people want to see him play Bond.

Since Daniel Craig has vacated the role, the search is on for a new Bond and fans of the franchise are losing their minds in anticipation, throwing names out all over the place.

After the most recent Bond movie, No Time To Die, people thought the change would be even more drastic than first expected when they were introduced to Lashana Lynch’s Nomi, who was given the ‘007’ code name.

Fans were divided about whether or not Bond could be played by a woman but, they were quickly silenced when they realised the new Bond would come with a whole new cannon. 

This leads us back to the ongoing hunt for the next 007.

After viewing The Grey Man, fans took to Twitter to put Gosling forward for the role.

One person wrote: “I’m all for Tom Hardy being the new James Bond. But after watching The Gray Man on Netflix. Ryan Gosling would be perfect for the role.”

Another said: “I didn’t expect The Gray Man to be this good. Ryan Gosling For James Bond.”

Ryan Gosling himself has even commented on the comparisons when speaking with Sky News.

“I think you can’t kind of step into it without those comparisons and we even acknowledge it in the movie.” Gosling said.

“I mean there’s one point where he says [the alias] 007 was taken – I like the idea that this movie existed in a world that was aware that there were Bond movies and this was a different take on it, a less glamorised version of it.”

He went on to say whether or not he would even consider the role.

“I’m not sure that they want a Canadian in that role,”

“I’m not sure anyone’s, you know, asking for that, I don’t even think Canadians are asking for that, I don’t think anyone wants that.”

Well apparently you’re wrong there, plenty of people would love that AND Bond doesn’t have to be Britsih in fact, George Lazenby who played Bond in 1969 is an Aussie.