Willow Beats – Merewif

An escape to a mythical wonderland is awaiting you at your doorstep. Let the water tickle your feet, let the sunlight warm your face as it playfully appears through the luscious canopy above, wave your arms about and kick up the leaves as you embrace in a tribal dance.

You won’t ever want to leave this fantasy world because it will do nothing but serve you well. Welcome to the wondrous woodlands of Willow Beats.

willow beats

Latest single Merewif sees Willow Beats toe the line between the natural and the mechanical – the spiritual and the worldly – the tribal and the modern.

The uncle – niece duo made their mark in the Aussie electronic music scene last year with the release of the Alchemy EP. Narayana and Kalyani who hail from Melbourne, rule this world they have built where the natural and artificial elements of the reality we have come to know, freely intertwine in a harmonious manner to create a realm of peace.

Despite the timelessness of Willow Beats’ tracks, showing no signs of wear and tear due to its refreshingly crisp and elated sensibility, one cannot ignore the fact that it has been a tough 7 months as supporters yearned for the taste of fresh tunes.

Since the release of their hit song Blue, embedded above, they have been locked away in the studio. The wait is finally over and the world can continue turning as their countless hours of mastering their other-worldly craft amounted to the release of a new single – this one song will have to do…for now.

Merewif is the appetiser for their second EP. Inspired by Hare Krishna folkore, it is rich with exotic atmospheres of love, purification, spirituality and dreaminess. Of course Willow Beats have not forgotten to include their iconic pulsating heartbeat baselines, which always brings a complimentary revitalisation to their songs and reminds us of what it was that made us adore them in the first place.

The opening om of Merewif suggests that you are to enter a trance of mediation, guided by the one and only Kalyani and her soaringly beautiful vocals. The sampling of running rivers and wind adds to the earthy electronic experience– it’s where your dreams of euphoria become a reality.

The therapeutic hollow droplets of bliss with every beat, causes a disposition to want to throw yourself in the moment of release. Thankfully there are many beats to be had – it’s beats galore that’s for sure.

If Merewif is a sign of what’s to come, then Happy knows Willow Beats is set to continue of their wave of success as they explore more with a sound that befriends nature, compared to the debut EP which experiments with mechanical samples such as the crackle of vinyl in Monty.

Blue gives you the feeling of switching between rewinding and fast-forwarding buttons, as the beats mimic the behaviour of a tape recorder. The harsher yet equally pleasant industrial samples in Grom The Betrayer gives the sense that you are situated in a warehouse surrounded by machinery and weaponry as they battle it out for good to triumph.

Willow Beats’ up and coming EP has been produced through Pilerats, and by popular demand the release date of the single Merewif was pushed a few days early. You can now get your hands on a copy of it – a legal copy at that.

Here’s to world peace, here’s to Willow Beats, and here’s to one of the best electronic acts to emerge from Australia. Oh boy, Happy is so proud.

To launch the release of their  new single, the duo are embarking on a tour – catch ’em in your state capital on one of the dates below.

Friday, August 1st – Mondo, Perth WA

Friday, August 8th- Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD

Saturday, August 9th – Goodgod Small Club, Sydney NSW

Friday, August 15th – Rocket Bar, Adelaide SA

Saturday, August 16th – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne VIC



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