Wise Child play in the shadows of dark electronica on Tomoko

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Wise Child are brother and sister duo Tom and Jem King from Melbourne. Seeing them live is like listening to Massive Attack try make music for the first time, raw, mesmerising and full of promise. As the night went on I felt as if I had been transported to a Pendulum concert, and well it’s not too often you can say that about a band in 2015 who really doesn’t make drum and bass per say. They have a style that really is time warping though, and whatever room you are in you feel as though Neo from the matrix should be standing right next to you.

Wise Child Tomoko

Who said siblings can’t work together? Wise Child are both hauntingly serene and punishingly epic. Tomoko is an incredible track best heard live.

They have just released a new tune called Tomoko, while it’s a little prettier than what I first heard when I saw them live it’s still quite good. Less grunge and more sparkle, it’s like a scourer that’s been cleaned. You know it’s tough and metal and can get the job done, but it’s still squeaky clean. Speaking to Jem she explained “The track was written and recorded in numerous share houses throughout Brunswick. Tomoko was a reflective process. We recorded the song when a few things had happened. One of which was our family dog Lucy passing away. We were both remembering how intuitive and hilarious she was.”

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The track features the pair’s signature droning bass, industrial beats and melancholy vocals that echo through their soundscape. With the influence of artists such as Massive Attack and Nine Inch Nails scattered throughout their live set.

We wrote the song after a pretty heavy week, our gran had passed away and our hilarious family dog had to get put down. Writing this tune provided a good distraction. I remember at the time we had both been listening to a lot of Bonobo and Nick Cave. The samples at the start of the song are Tom singing some notes stacked on top of each other that I trigger. We also made the looping synth line that runs through the entire song.”

We grew up in a musical family in the country about 3 hours from Melbourne. 90’s grunge and punk rock heavily influences our music with an electronic undertone. We kind of just write the music we want to listen to.

The band recently launched Tomoko at The Old Bar, so here’s hoping we get to hear more of Wise Child in the very near future.