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Hey Now is Coloured Clocks’ fractured psych pop tour-de-force

Melbourne four-piece Coloured Clocks aren’t your average psych band. They’re a little bit experimental. Their music, super quirky. Their lyrics, carefully curated.

With influences ranging from Tame Impala and MGMT to Vampire Weekend, and a sonic vibe almost comparable to the likes of Ariel Pink, they’re singlehandedly shaking up the Australian psych-pop scene.

With their unique new single Hey Now, Coloured Clocks prove they’re out to break the chain of mimicry.

Coloured Clocks was born back in 2011 to proud parent Josh Wallace. The band, now a four-piece, have in their seven years released an impressive six albums and two EPs.

Their latest album Raspberry Caravan dropped early last month and has garnered attention nation-wide. Hey Now, the band’s most recent single, features on Raspberry Caravan. Take a listen below.

There are far too many bands out there trying to pull off the same sound. Coloured Clocks have managed to break the chain of mimicry. It isn’t all too often that you come across something as sonically unique as their new single Hey Now.

The song’s unique brand of fractured psych-pop is unlike anything currently doing the rounds; the vocals, almost eerie, the song perhaps too cheerful. It’s like the band is trying to tell you something super secret that can only be figured out through code. It’s a song that warrants many listens. You’ll be thanking us later.


Hey Now was released via Raspberry Caravan on November 11, 2018. You can stream the album via Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


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November 29, 2018

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