With humanity at a global standstill, the ozone layer has started healing

Scientists have confirmed that the ozone layer is beginning to heal itself as humanity self-isolates indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the daily bombardment of corona-crisis columns, a shining beacon of hope is that the earth is in a state of unexpected reparation having suffered at the hands of humans for far too long.

The world steps closer to restoration as the ozone layer begins healing itself due to global self-isolation measures.

Many have taken to twitter to joke that the global outbreak of coronavirus, and subsequently self-isolation measures, is mother nature’s way of sending us to our rooms to think about what we’ve done and give her a long overdue break. And it’s working!

Nature is finally reclaiming its stages once more. First birds began chirping again in Wuhan. Then fish, swans and even dolphins returned to Venetian canals. And now the great big human created hole in the ozone layer created is beginning to close.

The ozone layer – for those who skipped science lessons – is not as mystical and ethereal as it may sound. Let me break it down for you.

The ozone layer is a protective layer around the earth that absorbs most of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. When it’s damaged it can’t protect us from the highly dangerous ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Essentially it’s like a protective suit of armour or Factor 50 for the globe.

Following? Well, you’re doing better than Trump.

Thanks to people going out less, the coronavirus curve has been flattened in some countries and there has been a noticeable reduction of greenhouse gasses across the world.

So our work here is done? Well, not quite. It’s certainly a step in the right direction and a well-needed story of positive news in this time of bleak uncertainty. Let’s just hope the same level of energy given to panicking about the corona-crisis can be brought forward and call people to urgent action with matters regarding our planet.