Wolf & Moon share double-single ‘Seasonal’ and ‘Heavy Loads, Heaven Knows’

German and Dutch duo Wolf & Moon share a slice of folksy indie-pop on double-single Seasonal and Heavy Loads, Heaven Knows. 

Wolf & Moon have shared a taste of their third studio album, whetting appetites with the double-single release of Seasonal and Heavy Loads, Heaven Knows.

The former track brims with an infectious indie-rock flair, harnessing all the acoustic warmth and twangy vocals of an early Angus and Julia Stone cut. 

Wolf & Moon double-single
Credit: Ruth Nije Bijvank

Coasting on summery fuzz rock guitar licks, Seasonal rightfully forefronts the German and Dutch duo’s earworm harmonies, somehow raspy and angelic in equal measure.

What begins as guitar-driven balladry later transforms into something more ascendent, as glittering synths make way for punchier percussion and the catharsis of an anthemic chorus.

Milky Chance, Of Monsters and Men and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are just a few of the acts with whom Seasonal shares a sonic spirit, which should give you an idea of all the folksy glory on display. What sets Wolf & Moon apart is their incisive lyricism, with Seasonal musing on the real-time effects of climate change.     


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“This dry spell has gone too long,” the duo pine on the opening verse. “Everyone is sleeping, while our mother falls apart.” To squeeze razor-sharp commentary into the confines of a springtime indie-pop ditty is no small feat, but Wolf & Moon’s penchant for evocative storytelling continues on fellow double-single offering, Heavy Loads, Heaven Knows. 

Here, the pair bear witness to a friend’s spiral towards darkness, singing of life’s strangeness and the things we “hide under our clothes” atop glitchy production.

Offering a poppier sound, Heavy Loads makes use of propulsive synth beats and rhythmic percussion, as punctuated by Wolf & Moon’s hushed vocal timbre. 

The pair offer the song’s subject a shoulder to cry on, while also acknowledging that they too “needed you.” It’s yet another showcase of intimate storytelling packaged in pristine production and catchy hooks, outlining Wolf & Moon as masters of both sonic style and substance. 

Seasonal and Heavy Loads, Heaven Knows are lifted from the Wolf & Moon’s recent third album, To Get Lost.  The ten-track project arrived in August, and features fellow singles Lost & Low and To A Nova Star.

Listen to the album in full below, and catch the double-single Seasonal and Heavy Loads, Heaven Knows above.