WZRDKID are poised to dominate Aussie hip-hop

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Andy Bull gave them two thumbs up, so will you.

It’s pretty impressive when three guys from Straya can do hip-hop without their music being spoiled with a thick accented chorus. Winners of the One Night Stand competition in 2014, James Cook, Josh Fiebig and Daniel Obasi collectively make up WZRDKID and for new kids on the block their sound is stunningly mature.


With tracks like Hitchhikers Galaxy WZRDKID are on track to dominate the Australian hip-hop scene.

Being a fan of both electronic and hip-hop music benefits me when WZRDKID blends the two genres into one sub genre; experimental hip-hop. It’s a bit of SBTRKT mixed with Vic Mensa and Earl Sweatshirt, pretty exciting news. WZRDKID are really nice guys, I asked them over the interweb whether they have a sense of where they wanted their music to go in the next few years. “We just want to keep shit polished and fresh, keep progressing and making things better in all aspects.” Their well-polished track, Hitchhiker’s Galaxy has smoothly layered beats and represents a new and sophisticated brand of hip-hop in Australia.

I  write all the lyrics and have only been rapping for about a year, so I know there’s an enormous amount of things to learn regarding flow and wordplay” says James. “As far as Josh & Daniel go (the producers) I think they just want to keep developing their technical skills. We all have loads of unique ideas, now it’s just about learning how to get them out. We want to shit on everyone.” It wont be hard for them to do such a thing, especially when they are miles ahead of rappers from this country who tend to get spoilt with their airtime on radio stations.

Black Ocean names their highly anticipated debut album which is fitting when they are really into things that are NASA related, intergalactic sub-genres and have such a fluid sound. As far as their sound goes, who did truly inspire them? “ Our lyrics are very inspired by bands such as Pink Floyd, Death Grips and Ratking. Our song Hitchhiker’s Galaxy was pretty simple lyrically, but hopefully people will be surprised by where we take things with our upcoming album Black Ocean, both lyrically and instrumentally.” The band are also heavily inspired by the music of Oliver Tank, and rumour has it he is going to feature on the album.



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