X-Ray Fiends

Expect punchy riffs, lots of them. Expect banging drums. Expect spat out, gritty, distorted vocals. X-Ray Fiends is an amalgamation of these sounds; it is garage-punk. This music will make you feel bitchin’ drinking a cup of tea and eating a scone. It would make you swagger down the street in triple denim and feel no shame.

x-ray fiends

My favourite tune from them is Think I’m Insane/Don’t Get Eaten By the Sidewalk. It’s a bit lighter than some other tracks, but still bold. The guitar riffs are really charismatic. I also like the name – extra points for an inventive, albeit unsettling song title (also for their equally inventive/unsettling artwork!)

The Auckland boys have released their 8 track album Live! At Roundhouse Studios in Dec 2013. They’ve also released a few shiny new tracks, recorded straight out of the boys living room (all available on BandCamp) and promise that there’s more to come soon!