YEEVS Are Getting Lazy

Sydney three piece YEEVS have been winning the hearts and minds of young slackers and bloggers since the release of their debut single Speakin Some Sense five months ago. The band’s uninhibited sense of loose fun pronounced in the flurry of their guitars and front man Bradley Cork’s snarling, Billy Corgan-esk vocals*.

Quite frankly every time these boys do something new you’d be wise to lap it up straight away, and then be prepared for the disappointing feeling that there simply isn’t more of their material to jump around to. Thankfully we can all satisfy our YEEVS cravings with their latest offering Lazy.


Sydney rockers YEEVS start to get a little lazy, and that’s something fans should be psyched for. Lazy is a promising start to their 2015.

Now don’t let the headline fool you, this track by no means sees the band getting lax. In fact it sees them becoming a little more proactive with their songwriting and shifting gears to offer a new take on a sound they’ve firmly made their own. Which is a good thing as the last thing all us YEEVS fans (and come one, who isn’t?) wants to see is the band stick to the dame old tried formula. Lazy was produced by Liam Gordon, a prolific young man in his own right who you kids may know from his work as the guitarist for up and coming Sydney heroes Spookyland or his own intimate solo project Tail.

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Not to say that he’s transformed YEEVS into a copy of one of those bands. No, but his subtle touch has definitely brought out something exciting in the boys. The fun times, party band element of YEEVS is a little less apparent, which quite frankly is a good things as so many bands are trying to emulate this aesthetic. Having YEEVS develop some variety so early in their career is indeed welcome. What may strike you the most with Lazy is the shifts in tempo. The opening chords bounce along joyously, whilst the second guitar track weaves in and out of the track, rippling gently amongst those crashing drums. It speaks to the sad nature of the song, which at first is not so clear until the aforementioned tempo shift comes in. It manages to bring an exciting new dynamic to Lazy and it’s one that the band will hopefully continue to explore on future recordings.

YEEVS are set for a big 2015 as they start to write and record their debut EP. Until then you can catch them live music style at Oxford Art Factory on February 20th and The Vic  March 12th. Or you can pass the time and check out the band’s top 10 songs of 2014.

*See them live and you’ll know exactly what I mean.



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