YEEVS – Speakin’ Some Sense

Sydney’s newest alternative-shoegaze-rock trio YEEVS have released their debut single Speakin’ Some Sense, and it is a grenade waiting to explode. Once thrown into the battlegrounds of the music industry, there’s no turning back because they would’ve already left their mark all over you in the form of shards of adrenaline filled sound.

It’s got attitude, fight and heartfelt emotion, making it a very alive yet anchored track. One listen and you’re sure to commit these riffs to memory – you won’t be able to help relieve your edgy disposition unless you have these guys gracing your ears once again.


Alternative-shoegaze-rock trio YEEVS and their debut single is pretty damn awesome. With much experience already behind them we can only predict good things to come.

The band is led by Bradley Cork (vocals, guitar) and Sean Lees (bass) both from the bands Bradley Cork and the Folklore Mantra, and Tom Bamford (drums) from Bird with Thumbs.

Speakin’ Some Sense‘s restrained deep frustration, through the rigorous sound of hammering guitar rhythms, continually undergoes a cycle of escalation before it is forced to simmer down- the chorus on the other hand shows no signs of suppression as the guitars and percussion bash it out without mercy . The pained expressive vocals of Bradley echo so much raw energy that you are chained to the song, but not against your will.

What a formidable start from the Sydneysiders. Can’t wait for their next release!



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