Yellow Shoots runs us through the gear behind his incredibly funky debut album

Last week, when Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Yellow Shoots dropped his incredible debut album, we were blown away.

The eight tracks explode with energy and colour as they navigate characteristics of psych, disco, and funk to deliver something truly unique.

As soon as we first heard the release, we knew we had to catch up with Yellow Shoots himself to see what gear was behind the music.

Fresh off the release of his debut album everything, we caught up with Brooklyn artist Yellow Shoots to get the low-down on the gear behind the music.

1976 Mustang Bass

This is a new found love of mine. I use this bass to make a ton of auxiliary guitar sounds. Sometimes I use it for lead sounds. It’s an amazing instrument to throw through various effect pedals, especially for funky lines.

RE 201 Space Echo (1970s)

This piece of gear is a staple in my recording. The tape delay has a lot of character and often makes recording guitar and vocals a ton of fun. Recording out of the RE201 always turn out messy and unpredictable and I love that. I originally bought it in a music store in Brooklyn and had a hell of a time fixing it with new bearings and tape, but it was worth every penny.

Supro Thunderbolt

This amp is really special. It has an amazing tone and makes guitars sing. The Supro has the perfect dynamic of clean and distorted tones. And the thing kicks very hard. It’s so much fun to play through.

Listen to everything now.