PREMIERE: Bura Bura’s Kissing The Whip is a barrage of post-apocalyptic noise

Since launching his solo project Bura Bura over two years ago, Sydney artist Colin Thompson (Ghastly Spats, God K) has developed an incredibly unique sound that’ll both captivate and unnerve you.

His music is dark and glitchy; bursting with harsh pulses that will slap you straight in the face. It’s strangely invigorating.

Kissing The Whip, the dark and jarring new track from Sydney artist Bura Bura, is an all-out assault of post-apocalyptic noise.

On his new track Kissing The Whip, Thompson melds elements of industrial, synth-punk, dance, and post-rock to deliver a sound that feels like the soundtrack to some demented post-apocalyptic, cyber-meltdown world.

With disorienting, droning vocals and jarring production, the song is an all-out barrage of bizarre sounds.

The track’s accompanying music video heavily incorporates the use of green screens, volcanic imagery, and sunglasses at night to create the perfect back drop for Thompson’s incredible 80’s dance routine.

Kissing The Whip is taken off Bura Bura’s debut full-length album The New Flesh, which dropped earlier this year.

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video above, and catch Bura Bura live at The Botany View Hotel in Sydney this Friday with Berzerker Boys, Mazda Three, and Pleasure_Chest. More info here.