Yon Yonson

Looking for some new electronic music? Music that will make you think, ‘yeah, the world is all right’ even though someone stole your $10 K-Mart helmet when you went in to the supermarket for 10 minutes? Well, lucky you! You’ve come to the right place.

yon yonson

Yon Yonson make feel-good electronic music. It’s got dreamy swirls of guitar, and a good quantity of little glitchy bits – not so much as to perforate your eardrum. They delve into lots of different sounds, and include some nice disdortion. As well as showcasing their talents in the electronic genre, there’s a distinct Beach House kinda feeling to some tracks, such as Headstrong.

Yon Yonson is warped and imperfect, serving to evoke emotion in a brilliant way. The tracks are busy, at some points a little manic but do retain some fluidity, which is important when you’re mixing up lots of sounds and genres. The duo’s most recent album, Hypomantra was released in December 2013.