Tough Age

There are a couple of things that melt my heart: one is puppies on the internet, the other is sweet, sweet, melodic rock. Not unlike the sweet full flavor of Laramie extra tar ciggies, Tough Age belong to the latter. Hailing from Vancouver, Tough Age will remind you of things like “the twist”, hippies, and that part in Back to The Future where Marty McFly plays Johnny B Goode while awkward teens slow dance with their hands on hips.

tough age

Girl bass player? Yes please. Wait, girl guitarist as well? Mad. Props. These guys (and gals) have it down. You’ll find their self-titled album has a strong 60’s influence. In tracks like Open It Up, you can hear straight-up 12 bar blues. The Heart of Juliet Jones has those classic back up vocals, complete with “oo’s” and “ah’s”. My other favourite things about this band are the crisp jangle of the guitars, the way the vocals are produced in a cone of reverb, and the walking bass swag.

While undoubtedly 60s influenced, they still bring their own sound and interpretation of the era, revealing something new in their music. Definitely a great band to stand, beer in-hand and listen to. Check ’em.

Also: they have amazing shirts.



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