You can now take and edit Polaroids straight from your smart phone

Let’s be honest here, we all love the idea of a vintage Polaroid camera, and in a lot of ways, one physical copy of a photo holds more value than the hundreds we take on our phones.

Lucky for those who share this sentiment, this week Polaroid and Polaroid Originals have joined together as new parent company Polaroid BV, and have revolutionised instant photography as we know it.

Polaroid has just released the OneStep+, a brand new camera that can be enhanced, edited and controlled completely from your phone.

The 80th-anniversary release features a completely revolutionised Polaroid camera, taking all the advantages of current technology and applying them to the nostalgic art of instant photography.

The features include a new portrait lens, double exposure, a scanner, manual mode, advanced shutter speed, varied flash intensity and photo ejection.

The founder of Polaroid BV, Oskar Smolokowski, seemed pretty excited about the brand new features when talking to It’s Nice That.

“Once you understand those things it’s hard to settle for anything less than full control if it’s at your fingertips.”

“It just happens to be that there are these amazing timeless designs, so we get inspired by some of that work, particularly as a lot of it is in our own heritage at Polaroid.”

“What we have tried to do is to provide a medium for artistic expression to anyone with only a reasonable amount of time. We put a lot of effort for the app to do just that, and because it directly controls the camera it can explain and let you experience the effects at the same time.”

Via It’s Nice That.